Friday, September 1

Time Performer
8pm - 11pm
The Joint Rockers

The Joint Rockers formed in 1981 to make the music we grew to love: classic Blues, R&B, Soul and early Roots Rock.

Saturday, September 2

Time Performer
5pm - 7pm
The Shazzbots

Intergalactic rock band and champions of music, art and all things creative, blast off for adventure in their Space Winnebago, to spread their rockin’ tunes to all the children of the cosmos!

For over 10 years, The Shazzbots have been entertaining kiddos and parents of all ages with their unique brand of music, adventure and fun!

With 3 full-length albums, a triple Emmy winning TV show, and thousands of live shows under their jumpsuited belts, the ‘Bots are no rookies when it comes to family entertainment. 

Time Performer
8pm -11pm
Big Badd Band

Based in Columbus, Ohio, The Big Badd aims to excite and delight audiences with their own take on classic songs and new favorites. Sporting a full horn section, a great rhythm section, and two vocalists, they play anything from Paul Simon, Van Morrison and Stevie Wonder to the Chainsmokers, Lizzo, and Justin Bieber. The Big Badd is sure to thrill at any event!

Formed in 2016, The Big Badd combines the worlds of pop, rock, funk, and jazz!  100% local to Columbus, their members can be found teaching lessons, directing high school bands, and performing across the city. They love to get together and bring a fresh sound to old classics and reimagine new hits!

Sunday, September 3

Time Performer
5pm - 7pm
The Wet Bandits

The Wet Bandits are the most unique and entertaining 90’s party band in Ohi-….in the midw-….in THE WORLD!  Bringing pop, rock, hip-hop, country–whatever your event needs–The Wet Bandits are here to give you the greatest 90’s experience you can imagine.

A heavy dose of nostalgia isn’t the only goal.  The Wet Bandits are bringing you all the tunes that’ll get you singing and dancing.  Basically, anything that’ll make you wanna “Shoop”. 

So grab your flannels if you Smell Like Teen Spirit, frost your tips if you Want it That Way, unbutton your overall straps if you’re Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, or your pleather pants and we’ll look forward to seeing you When You Come Around!

Time Performer
8pm - 11pm
The Reaganomics is performing their last-ever concert at the Saint Michael Festival. This is your last opportunity to see them in concert… EVER. Without a doubt, this will be a show you won’t want to miss!

The Reaganomics are the Midwest’s most exciting 80’s dance and party band. Based in Columbus, Ohio, The Reaganomics have become the area’s most electrifying eighties show. With the release of their last CD, Ten, The Reaganomics have truly become the “must-see” act in the region… and St. Michael’s Festival is your last chance to see them… ever!

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